New mbed-os issue template

We recently introduced a new issue template for issues raised in the mbed-os GitHub repository.

This blog post will provide guidance on how we would like to see it filled in. Adhering to the guidance is important for a number of reasons:

  • The information requested is required in order for an engineer to be able to reproduce an issue and attempt a fix
  • The quality of information provided gives guidance to other mbed-os users and allows them to determine if perhaps an issue they are also seeing, is either the same or related.
  • The better the information the easier it is for the triaging engineers to determine the severity of the issue and thus correctly plan the resources and time frame required to fix it
  • Some basic validation of the fields will be automated and polite requests added to the comments if anything is deemed to be missing or of insufficient detail. Issues will not be mirrored to our internal defect handling flow (and thus planned) until they are deemed to contain sufficient information. Unmirrored issues are unlikely to be investigated.

The template has the following fields:

Description of defect

This should describe the symptoms of the issue, what happens etc

Target(s) affected by this defect ?

Which target (if any) was being tested / used when the defect was observed. (There may be multiple)

Toolchain(s) (name and version) displaying this defect ?

Any toolchains that were being used and their versions. E.g. ARMC compiler v6.13

What version of Mbed-os are you using (tag or sha) ?

For a released version please provide the release tag (this can be found as per the instructions below)

mbed-os version can be found in /platform/mbed_version.h. The tag can be reconstructed as follows: mbed-os-MBED_MAJOR_VERSION.MBED_MINOR_VERSION.MBED_PATCH_VERSION

NB. For pre mbed-os-6.0 releases Master branch is indicated by 'mbed-os-99.99.99. in these cases please provide the sha being used. Once mbed-os-6.0 is released Master will always contain the last version released.

What version(s) of tools are you using. List all that apply (E.g. mbed-cli)

mbed-cli v X.Y

How is this defect reproduced ?

This should contain a detailed list of steps to include:

  1. How to recreate the environment being used
  2. Any specific tests run
  3. Step by step instructions on what to do to cause the issue
  4. What are the expected results of any tests run

When the issue is raised our CI bot will parse the issue fields and if it finds missing or insufficient information it will add a comment of the form:

@adbridge thank you for raising this issue.Please take a look at the following comments:

Could you add some more detail to the description? A good description should be at least 25 words. What target(s) are you using? What toolchain(s) are you using? What version of Mbed OS are you using (tag or sha)? It would help if you could also specify the versions of any tools you are using? How can we reproduce your issue?

NOTE: If there are fields which are not applicable then please just add 'n/a' or 'None'.This indicates to us that at least all the fields have been considered.

The contents of the comment will depend on what is actually missing.

Hopefully although this might seem like extra overhead when creating an issue, it will actually help to get the issue addressed much quicker.

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