This package includes the SharkSSL lite library and header files.

Dependents:   WebSocket-Client-Example SharkMQ-LED-Demo

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for SharkSSL-Lite


MqttCredentials Optional credentials used when calling function SharkMQTT_connect
MqttWillMsg Optional MQTT Will Message; used when calling function SharkMQTT_connect
SharkMQ SharkMQ structure
SharkMQTT SharkMQTT structure
SharkSsl A SharkSsl object is the coordinator for managing SharkSslCon objects (See SharkSsl_constructor for details)
SharkSslAesCcmCtx AesCcmCtx
SharkSslAesCtx AES
SharkSslAesGcmCtx AesGcmCtx
SharkSslArc4Ctx ARC4
SharkSslCertDN Certificate Distinguished Name
SharkSslCertInfo The peer's certificate information returned by SharkSslCon_getCertInfo
SharkSslCertStore SharkSslCertStore is a container object used when assembling a SharkSslCAList
SharkSslChaChaCtx CHACHA20
SharkSslDesCtx DES
SharkSslMd5Ctx MD5
SharkSslPoly1305Ctx POLY1305
SharkSslSha1Ctx SHA1
SharkSslSha256Ctx SHA256
SharkSslSha384Ctx SHA384
WscReadState The WebSocket protocol is frame based and the following struct keeps state information for wscRead


CA-list.h [code]
DoubleList.h [code]
ledctrl.h [code]
selib.h [code]
selibplat.h [code]
seLwIP.c [code]
SharkMQ.h [code]
SharkMQTT.h [code]
SharkSSL.h [code]
SharkSSL_cfg.h [code]
SharkSSL_opts.h [code]
SharkSslCrypto.h [code]
SharkSslEx.h [code]
SingleList.h [code]
TargConfig.h [code]
WsClientLib.h [code]