LPC1114 pinout pictures

LPC1114 pinout pictures


The mbed-SDK for LPC1114 (http://mbed.org/platforms/LPC1114FN28/) supports 2 types of boards and DIP28 package pinouts. These picture shows the pin names and available functions on those boards and chip.


User guide (English) page is available in next URL http://mbed.org/users/ytsuboi/notebook/getting-started-with-mbed-lpc1114/.

mbedコンパイラによるLPC1114の使い方については,つぼいさんによる解説: 『[lang:ja] mbed LPC1114での遊び方』を御覧ください.


Feel free to use these pictures/files ;)

CQ board

2013-Sep-09 version :

  • PWM label removed from some pins (those can not be used for PWM)


Picture with detailed pin name is available here:


2015-Apr-17 version :

  • dp23 as "reset only" pin


NOTE: recommended to have a pull-up resister on "dp24" to prevent the chip goes into ISP mode

Picture with detailed pin name is available here:


2015-Apr-17 version :

  • SPI(2) pin labels added



These pictures are drawn by Apple Keynote. The original file and pictures in pdf/png format are available in next links


Board and chip original pictures are available here..

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30 Sep 2013


30 Sep 2013

Excellent! Thanks for these.

10 Jun 2014

Maybe the second SPI/UART should be marked on LPC1114Xpresso.

SPI1: xp37, xp14, xp13, xp32 as MOSI/MISO/SCK/SSEL, otherwise they are only GPIO.

17 Apr 2015

Thank you for comment. I added SPI(2) on LPCXpresso picture.

13 Sep 2015

Thank you for your Keynote file

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