Dependents of LM75B

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

This demo uses the application board’s I2C temperature sensor to measure the board’s temperature. Pot 1 (blue dial near LCD) is used to adjust a temperature alarm setting. Alarm uses …
SDk for temperature sensor
Example using sensors from the mbed apps board or shield
code voor edu_robot
A simple serial test program for the LM75B library. Celsius, driver, I2C, LM75B, nxp, sensor, Temperature
Under construction...
Display analog voltages from mbed board in a browser. Uses smoothie.js called from html page. mbed sends AnalogIn, AnalogOut, and temperature signals.
SmartREST client reference implementation for the u-blox C027 mbed compatible device. C027, mbed, u-blox
Library to control the EM027BS013 ePaper display from Pervasive Display. EM027BS013, ePaper
IoT Starter Kit Code
Production Test Program (PTP) for the LPC4088 Experiment Base Board
portable version of the cumulocity demo
Example showing the ublox Cellular GPS/GNSS module with the online PubNub service on an LPC4088 Experiment Base Board. This example uses an RTOS.
Code Demonstrate most of the feature of application board/ /like LED, Speaker,RGB,Joystick,LCD,POT,Accelerometer,temperature sensor/ /by using component of real time operating system such as Mutex, Threads/ Signals,Queue and Memory pool Video … axis, joystick, LCD, led, mutex, pot, RBG, rtos, speaker, Temperature, thread
Exosite Evaluation Example on LPC1768 mbed Application Board exosite
4 thread with comments
a small song
A basic example of using the mbed NXP LPC1768 Application Board with Exosite.
Lab 3 Temp on LCD
Port to C027 (using AppShield and Ethernet)
temp_FIAP porting to FRDM-K64F AppShield, FIAP, FRDM, IEEE1888