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u-blox’ embedded semiconductor solutions for global positioning and wireless communications are at the heart of hundreds of consumer, industrial and automotive applications around the world. Our proven solutions enable people, devices, vehicles and machines to locate their exact position and wirelessly communicate via voice, text or video.

Whether for professional, mobile or recreational applications, we invite you to explore our embedded positioning and wireless products and solutions. Our goal is to help you design products that can calculate their position and wirelessly communicate reliably, quickly and cost-effectively.


  • ublox-at-cellular-interface-ext

    This class adds HTTP, FTP and CellLocate client support for u-blox modules for the C027 and C030 boards (excepting the C030 N2xx flavour) from mbed 5.5 onwards. The HTTP, FTP …

    C027, C030, CellLocate, file, FTP, http, SMS, u-blox, ussd
    Last updated: 26 Jun 2020 38 156
  • ublox-cellular-base

    Base class for the ublox-xxx-cellular-xxx classes. Cannot be used standalone, only inherited by classes that do properly useful stuff. Or, to put it another way, if you are using any …

    AT, C027, C030, CellularInterface, u-blox
    Last updated: 06 Jan 2020 38 285
  • ublox-at-cellular-interface

    Implementation of the CellularInterface for u-blox C027 and C030 (non-N2xx flavour) modems that uses the IP stack on-board the cellular modem, hence not requiring LWIP (and so less RAM) and …

    AT, C027, C030, CellularInterface, u-blox
    Last updated: 06 Jan 2020 43 206
  • Mbed OS

    Example program to demonstrate the use of the UbloxATCellularInterfaceExt class, providing FTP, HTTP, and CellLocate support. It may be used on the C027 and C030 (non-N2xx flavour) boards.

    AT, C027, C030, CellLocate, CellularInterface, FTP, http, u-blox
    Last updated: 03 Jan 2020 28 237
  • Mbed OS

    Example program that uses the mbed UbloxATCellularInterface or OnboardCellularInterface classes to perform simple sockets operations. This program can be used on the C027 and C030 boards, including the C030 N2xx …

    AT, C027, C030, CellularInterface, sockets, u-blox
    Last updated: 01 Jan 2020 43 652
  • Mbed OS

    Example program for power saving mode of cellular modem. This program can be used with UBLOX_C030_R412M board.

    Last updated: 06 Nov 2019 7 37
  • Mbed OS

    Generic Pelion Device Management example for various U-blox-based boards.

    Last updated: 07 Oct 2019 17 237
  • Mbed OS

    Generic Pelion Device Management example for various short range U-blox-based boards.

    Last updated: 04 Oct 2019 4 72
  • Mbed OS

    This example use mbed-os default network interface through Cellular PDP context class . It use UDP or TCP socket with the given echo server and performs an echo transaction. This …

    Last updated: 04 Oct 2019 2 46
  • example-C030-AT-Serial-Passthrough

    Cellular module AT Serial interface passthrough to Debug COM port. This program can be used on the C030 boards excluding the C030 N2xx version.

    Last updated: 30 Aug 2019 7 49
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