TI's CC3100 websocket camera demo with Arducam mini ov5642 and freertos. Should work with other M3's. Work in progress test demo.

Dependencies:   mbed

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for cc3100_Test_websock_Camera_CM3


HttpRequest A structure to hold all data about an HTTP request Note: The request's resource string is not passed as part of this structure, but rather directly to the Http*_InitRequest() function
md5_context MD5 context structure
md_context_t Generic message digest context
md_info_t Message digest information
ripemd160_context RIPEMD-160 context structure
sha1_context SHA-1 context structure
sha256_context SHA-256 context structure
sha512_context SHA-512 context structure
tSimpleLinkSpawnMsg Structure definition for simple link spawn message


app_config.h [code]
ArduCAM.cpp [code]
ArduCAM.h [code]
base64.cpp [code]
base64.h [code]
camera_app.cpp [code]
camera_app.h [code]
cc3100.cpp [code]
cc3100.h [code]
cc3100_driver.cpp [code]
cc3100_driver.h [code]
cc3100_fs.cpp [code]
cc3100_fs.h [code]
cc3100_netapp.cpp [code]
cc3100_netapp.h [code]
cc3100_netcfg.cpp [code]
cc3100_netcfg.h [code]
cc3100_nonos.cpp [code]
cc3100_nonos.h [code]
cc3100_objInclusion.h [code]
cc3100_protocol.h [code]
cc3100_simplelink.h [code]
cc3100_sl_common.h [code]
cc3100_socket.cpp [code]
cc3100_socket.h [code]
cc3100_spawn.cpp [code]
cc3100_spawn.h [code]
cc3100_spi.cpp [code]
cc3100_spi.h [code]
cc3100_trace.h [code]
cc3100_user.h [code]
cc3100_wlan.cpp [code]
cc3100_wlan.h [code]
cc3100_wlan_rx_filters.h [code]
check_config.h [code] Consistency checks for configuration options
cli_uart.cpp [code]
cli_uart.h [code]
config.h [code] Configuration options (set of defines)
croutine.c [code]
croutine.h [code]
datatypes.h [code]
deprecated_definitions.h [code]
event_groups.c [code]
event_groups.h [code]
fPtr_func.cpp [code]
fPtr_func.h [code]
FreeRTOS.h [code]
FreeRTOSConfig.h [code]
heap_1.c [code]
HttpAuth.cpp [code]
HttpAuth.h [code]
HttpConfig.h [code]
HttpCore.cpp [code]
HttpCore.h [code]
HttpDebug.cpp [code]
HttpDebug.h [code]
HttpDynamic.cpp [code]
HttpDynamic.h [code]
HttpHeaders.h [code]
HttpRequest.h [code]
HttpResponse.h [code]
httpserverapp.cpp [code]
httpserverapp.h [code]
HttpSocket.cpp [code]
HttpSocket.h [code]
HttpStatic.cpp [code]
HttpStatic.h [code]
HttpString.cpp [code]
HttpString.h [code]
Led_config.cpp [code]
Led_config.h [code]
list.c [code]
list.h [code]
main.cpp [code]
md.c [code] Generic message digest wrapper for mbed TLS
md.h [code] Generic message digest wrapper
md5.c [code]
md5.h [code] MD5 message digest algorithm (hash function)
md_wrap.c [code] Generic message digest wrapper for mbed TLS
md_wrap.h [code] Message digest wrappers
memorysaver.h [code]
mpu_wrappers.h [code]
myBoardInit.h [code]
osi.h [code]
osi_freertos.c [code]
ov5642_regs.h [code]
platform.c [code]
platform.h [code] Mbed TLS Platform abstraction layer
port.c [code]
portable.h [code]
portmacro.h [code]
projdefs.h [code]
queue.c [code]
queue.h [code]
ripemd160.c [code]
ripemd160.h [code] RIPE MD-160 message digest
semphr.h [code]
sha1.c [code]
sha1.h [code] SHA-1 cryptographic hash function
sha1_gen.cpp [code]
sha1_gen.h [code]
sha256.c [code]
sha256.h [code] SHA-224 and SHA-256 cryptographic hash function
sha512.c [code]
sha512.h [code] SHA-384 and SHA-512 cryptographic hash function
StackMacros.h [code]
strlib.cpp [code]
strlib.h [code]
task.h [code]
tasks.c [code]
timers.c [code]
timers.h [code]
websocketapp.h [code]
WebSockHandler.cpp [code]
WebSockHandler.h [code]