Dependents of LM75B

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

Hello World program for LM75B temperature sensor LM75B
An example program using the Sprint Mobile Braodband to provide and SMS alert when the temperature read from the LM75B exceeds 32^C APP, Board, LM75B, Sprint
Example project showing temperature posted to sockets.mbed.org
Modifed version from Samuel Mokrani Changed URL to push data to sensor page Added visualisation page URL as a comment application, Board, ethernet, WebSocket
An example program that uses a Wifly module to send messages over web sockets application, Board, WebSocket, WiFly
websocket over 3g using VodafoneUSBModem and app-board on-board sensors (acc - tmp)
mbed application board demo
This is my final project for UCSC Extension - USB Programming. It is a home monitoring program for motion and temperature and requires host-side code. extension, UCSC
homework 7
mbed application board program with most libraries pulled in to create a feature rich starting point for hackathons
Acquire Sensor data and email
see main.cpp for - feed id - api key Go here to see live feed: https://xively.com/develop/WtDQf4yIsG2jnz4gE1-z If MBED connected to Ethernet- you will see live data feed. xively login avnisha …
Websocket demo for app board by C. Styles with updated libraries. DHCP service and a network cable is required.
Lab 2 Temperature Display Program
Variation. Temperature reading moves across x-axis with time, it is positioned in y-axis proportional to temperature as read.
NSP demo runnig over WiFi
microwave simulator
NanoService Example for u-blox Cellular modems
DreamForce 2013 Hands-On Demo demo, DreamForce, hands-on
Dreamforce 2013 MiniHack Thermostat Challenge - completed code DreamForce, minihack
Dreamforce 2013 MiniHack Thermostat Challenge DreamForce, minihack
Dreamforce 2013 MiniHack Thermostat Challenge - remotes DreamForce, minihack
set led to common anode
Development version of xively-jumpstart-demo
LM75B LBS-Ebiswald
for use with NXP LPC1768 Microcontroller mbed application board. The programme Reads the LM75B sensor temperature and Pot1 analogue input as room temp and thermostat temp setting respectively. Displays the … Heater, Temp
Read temperature sensor and output to LCD LCD, sensor, Temperature
unused busin works ok
One program to drive all sensors of the app-shield.
m2x-demo-all will read the temperature from the Application Board, then SEND the value to the specified M2X feed/stream, RETRIEVE the value back, UPDATE the location of the feed, and then … at&t, data store, m2x, time-series
UCSC Embedded Programming Lab 6
first compiled version
Faulty threads with IPC messages
1) lcd must wait 2) assign high priority to lcd 3) check malloc return code 4) printf clean