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VL6180X_RangeData_t Struct Reference

VL6180X_RangeData_t Struct Reference

Range and any optional measurement data. More...

#include <vl6180x_def.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t range_mm
int32_t signalRate_mcps
uint32_t errorStatus
uint32_t rtnAmbRate
uint32_t rtnRate
uint32_t rtnConvTime
uint32_t refConvTime
uint32_t DMax
RangeFilterResult_t FilteredData

Detailed Description

Range and any optional measurement data.

Definition at line 253 of file vl6180x_def.h.

Field Documentation

uint32_t DMax

DMax when applicable

Definition at line 269 of file vl6180x_def.h.

uint32_t errorStatus

Error status of the current measurement.
see RangeError_u VL6180X_GetRangeStatusErrString()

Definition at line 256 of file vl6180x_def.h.

Filter result main range_mm is updated

Definition at line 273 of file vl6180x_def.h.

uint32_t range_mm

range distance in mm.

Definition at line 254 of file vl6180x_def.h.

uint32_t refConvTime

Reference convergence time RESULT_RANGE_REFERENCE_CONV_TIME

Definition at line 264 of file vl6180x_def.h.

uint32_t rtnAmbRate

Return Ambient rate in KCount per sec related to RESULT_RANGE_RETURN_AMB_COUNT

Definition at line 261 of file vl6180x_def.h.

uint32_t rtnConvTime


Definition at line 263 of file vl6180x_def.h.

uint32_t rtnRate

Return rate in KCount per sec related to RESULT_RANGE_RETURN_SIGNAL_COUNT

Definition at line 262 of file vl6180x_def.h.

int32_t signalRate_mcps

signal rate (MCPS)
these is a 9.7 fix point value, which is effectively a measure of target reflectance.

Definition at line 255 of file vl6180x_def.h.