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Fork of X_NUCLEO_6180XA1 by ST

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for X_NUCLEO_6180XA1


Display Class representing Display
FilterData_t Wrap around filter internal data
IntrStatus_u These union can be use as a generic bit field type for map RESULT_INTERRUPT_STATUS_GPIO register
RangeFilterResult_tag Filtered result data structure range data is to be used
STMPE1600 Class representing a whole stmpe1600 component (16 gpio)
STMPE1600DigiIn Class representing a single stmpe1600 GPIO expander input pin
STMPE1600DigiOut Class representing a single stmpe1600 GPIO expander output pin
Switch Class representing Red Switch
VL6180X Class representing a VL6180X sensor component
VL6180X_AlsData_st This data type defines als measurement data
VL6180X_RangeData_t Range and any optional measurement data
VL6180XDevData_t Per VL6180X device St private data structure
End user should never access any of these field directly
XNucleo6180XA1 Class representing the X-NUCLEO-VL6180XA1 expansion board singleton obj


Display.h [code] Header file for display
STMPE1600.h [code] Header file for component stmpe1600
Switch.h [code] Header file for red switch
VL6180X.cpp [code] Implementation file for the HTS221 driver class
VL6180X.h [code] Header file for component VL6180X
vl6180x_cfg.h [code]
vl6180x_def.h [code]
vl6180x_platform.h [code]
vl6180x_types.h [code]
XNucleo6180XA1.cpp [code] Implementation file for the X_NUCLEO_VL6180XA1 singleton class
XNucleo6180XA1.h [code] Header file for class X_NUCLEO_6180XA1 representing a X-NUCLEO-6180XA1 expansion board