Library to control a Graphics TFT connected to 4-wire SPI - revised for the Raio RA8875 Display Controller.

Dependents:   FRDM_RA8875_mPaint RA8875_Demo RA8875_KeyPadDemo RA8875_Demo ... more

Fork of SPI_TFT by Peter Drescher

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for RA8875


BITMAPFILEHEADER Bitmap file header
BITMAPINFOHEADER Bitmap information header
GraphicsDisplay The GraphicsDisplay class
ICODIRENTRY Icon file type directory entry structure
ICOFILEHEADER Icon file type file header
JDEC Internal structure for the jpeg engine
JRECT Rectangular structure definition for the jpeg engine
point_t Type that manages x,y pairs
RA8875 This is a graphics library for the Raio RA8875 Display Controller chip attached to a 4-wire SPI interface
rect_t Data type that manages rectangles, which are pairs of points
RGBQUAD An RGB Quad data type used by the bitmap driver
TextDisplay A text display class that supports character based presentation
tpMatrix_t Data type that manages the calibration matrix for the resistive touch panel


Bitmap.h [code]
BPG_Arial08x08.h [code]
BPG_Arial08x08_F.h [code]
BPG_Arial10x10.h [code]
BPG_Arial10x12.h [code]
BPG_Arial20x20.h [code]
BPG_Arial29x32.h [code]
BPG_Arial31x32.h [code]
BPG_Arial63x63.h [code]
DisplayDefs.h [code]
FontMods.h [code]
GraphicsDisplay.cpp [code]
GraphicsDisplay.h [code]
GraphicsDisplayGIF.cpp [code]
GraphicsDisplayGIF.h [code]
GraphicsDisplayJPEG.cpp [code]
GraphicsDisplayJPEG.h [code]
RA8875.cpp [code]
RA8875.h [code]
RA8875_Regs.h [code]
RA8875_Touch.cpp [code]
RA8875_Touch_FT5206.cpp [code]
RA8875_Touch_FT5206.h [code]
RA8875_Touch_GSL1680.cpp [code]
RA8875_Touch_GSL1680.h [code]
RA8875_Touch_GSL1680_Firmware.h [code]
TextDisplay.cpp [code]
TextDisplay.h [code]
WebColors.h [code]