Dependents of MMA7660

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

Simple example using WebSocket to send accelerometer data tcp/ip, WebSocket
Example program streaming accelerometer data to a websocket server over a Sprint Mobile Broadband connection Sprint, Websockets
Modifed version from Samuel Mokrani Changed URL to push data to sensor page Added visualisation page URL as a comment application, Board, ethernet, WebSocket
An example program that uses a Wifly module to send messages over web sockets application, Board, WebSocket, WiFly
Minor tweaks to the main repo.
Sample code for using the Xively peripheral board. LPC1768, xively
websocket over 3g using VodafoneUSBModem and app-board on-board sensors (acc - tmp)
Build upon MMA7660_HelloWorld to pull out x, y, z axes from device and print to LCD on mbed Application Board
This is my final project for UCSC Extension - USB Programming. It is a home monitoring program for motion and temperature and requires host-side code. extension, UCSC
mbed application board program with most libraries pulled in to create a feature rich starting point for hackathons
This demo uses the application board’s three axis accelerometer and the LCD display working in graphics mode to build an electronic version of a bubble level.
see main.cpp for - feed id - api key Go here to see live feed: If MBED connected to Ethernet- you will see live data feed. xively login avnisha …
Websocket demo for app board by C. Styles with updated libraries. DHCP service and a network cable is required.
NSP demo runnig over WiFi
NanoService Example for u-blox Cellular modems
DreamForce 2013 Hands-On Demo demo, DreamForce, hands-on
Dreamforce 2013 MiniHack Thermostat Challenge - completed code DreamForce, minihack
Dreamforce 2013 MiniHack Thermostat Challenge DreamForce, minihack
Dreamforce 2013 MiniHack Thermostat Challenge - remotes DreamForce, minihack
set led to common anode
Development version of xively-jumpstart-demo
The NXP LCP1768 and mbed Application Board on 2lemetry platform. IOT, LCP1768, MQTT, nxp
Example using sensors from the mbed apps board or shield
Two mini game with accelerometer 13M15330 Sangwon Yoo 13M38502 Hanyoung Kim
One program to drive all sensors of the app-shield.
Various applications using the LCD. Cycle through the applications by pressing down on the joystick
just a try... not working
The world's greatest etch a sketch
An RPC program that reads data from an Accelerometer(MMA7660) on the Mbed developement board and sends it to the PC trough a serial connection
Reference demo of the PubNub library for the mbed application board - control your board over the internet!
3-D snake game for the mbed application board. games, mbed
Streams USB audio with sound effects applied. Sound effect selected by joystick and intensity altered by tilting the mbed. Output to the mbed-application-board phono jack. echo, effects, reverb, sound, usb audio
Use Accelerometer and Joystick to mimic a mouse. This is for a class project. It is done for educational purpose. It is not practical to real world use.
Project 1 Self-powered Health & Security Monitoring System USB device
ok connect ethernet logout login name/password: demo demo see unique id on LCD click on that on that SAME id on web page interact with it: led on/off temp …
More advanced NanoService Demo for LPC1768 App Board using OMA Lightweight Objects
Red Hat Summit NanoService Demo for LPC1768 App Board using OMA Lightweight Objects
final code