Dependents of ublox-at-cellular-interface

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

To make changes in program in test
Example program running mbedClient over UbloxATCellularInterface or OnboardCellularInterface for the C030 platform. AT, C030, CellularInterface, mbedClient, u-blox
Simple example for SARA modem.
Adding ability to set priority of the Rx thread
initial fork from ublox
The program sends the current location over the cellular network.
Example NB-IoT Project for ublox C030-N211
Assert updated with the returned status code instead of URL
I am in my way
Example program for UART power saving configuration of cellular modem. This program can be used with UBLOX_C030_R412M board. It has nothing to do with 3GPP power saving mode.
Example program to demonstrate the use of the modem providing CAT-M1, NB1 and 2G support. It may be used on the C030-R412M boards.
this is a direct fork of example-ublox-cellular-interface that adds support for USBSerial, and leverages the geneva-cellular-driver library.
Generic Pelion Device Management example for various U-blox-based boards.
Increasing time for which module remains in PSM.
Example program for power saving mode of cellular modem. This program can be used with UBLOX_C030_R412M board.
Example program that uses the mbed UbloxATCellularInterface or OnboardCellularInterface classes to perform simple sockets operations. This program can be used on the C027 and C030 boards, including the C030 N2xx … AT, C027, C030, CellularInterface, sockets, u-blox
Fix for HTTP return status code 1.0 in http_tls
This class adds HTTP, FTP and CellLocate client support for u-blox modules for the C027 and C030 boards (excepting the C030 N2xx flavour) from mbed 5.5 onwards. The HTTP, FTP … C027, C030, CellLocate, file, FTP, http, SMS, u-blox, ussd