Expansion SW library to control a bipolar stepper motor using X-NUCLEO-IHM05A1 expansion board based on L6208.

Dependencies:   ST_INTERFACES

Dependents:   HelloWorld_IHM05A1 TAU_ROTATING_PLATFORM_IHM05A1 Amaldi_13_Exercise_IHM05A1 Amaldi_13_Exercise_IHM05A1motore ... more

Fork of X-NUCLEO-IHM05A1 by ST Expansion SW Team

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for X-NUCLEO-IHM05A1


handle_t Component's Context structure definition
L6208 Class representing a L6208 component


component_def.h [code] Generic header file containing a generic component's definitions and I/O functions
L6208.cpp [code] L6208 product related routines
L6208.h [code] This file contains the class of a L6208 Motor Control component
L6208_config.h [code] Predefines values for the L6208 parameters
L6208_def.h [code] Header for l6208.c module
motor_def.h [code] This file contains all the functions prototypes for motor drivers