Forks of BLE_HeartRate_IDB0XA1

A fork is a repository which is based on a copy of this repository.

Esempio GAP Base
Esempio Gatt Base
Hello World program for this deprecated board, based on older versions of BLE_API (rev1130), X_NUCLEO_IDB0XA1 (rev212) and mbed (rev114) libraries.
+ battery and device information
Tested with Nucleo L476RG
Bluetooth Low Energy demo for PoliMI
Example to simulate photoplethysmography for heart rate and transmit via BLE
We are making a bluetooth application for a vehicle.
Gestione invio dati tramite seriale bluetooth
drum team drum, team
Version working with both Nucleo-F411RE and Nucleo-F404RE
BLE sending Heart Rate
A cute tiny piece of code implementing an IoT NAND device, demonstrating how to setup and advertise a cute GATT (NAND) service. The code has been tested on a Nordic … GATT, tutorial
Heart Rate Monitor example for the BLE
Small Demo demonstrating BLE Advertising
GAP based TOF Demo
TOF based Presence Detector
A blue button is always a nice toy ...
Bluetooth Connected TOF Sensor
demo with ST sensor and ST BLE BLE, ST
ble test