Dependents of MMA845x

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

mDot EVB to M2X demo.
Ag demo with soil moisture
Demonstration for connecting Multitech mDot/mDotbox to the Telit devicewise platform.
Provide working example for LoRa 'Sensor-to-Cloud' demonstration using MultiTech LoRa Starter Kit and Telit Data and Cloud Platform Services Offerings
mdot UDK & STMicro MEMS Shield Sensor packet example mdot, senet
Custom "Installer Assistant" software. Modified Single Sweep Mode. Goes right into single sweep mode upon power-up and displays signal strength. Works with mbed-os 5.1.2 and mdot lib 5.1.5
Factory firmware for the MultiTech Dotbox (MTDOT-BOX) and EVB (MTDOT-EVB) products. dotbox, evb, Lora, mdot, multitech