AT&T Developer Summit Hackathon 2016

Team mbed is at the ATT Hackathon at CES 2016!!! During the hackathon we will be around physically and online on the community tab to help out. See the Wiki tab below for details on using the hardware we've brought. The Code tab contains example code for all the hardware we've brought. Use the Community tab to ask us questions if you cant find us in person.

MultiTech mDot Developer Information

Table of Contents

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  2. Code Samples

Good luck in the Hackathon!

MultiTech's mDot has been documented in its wiki page. We recommend that you check it out! It has a lot of useful information, including:

  • link to the MTS_LoRaMac library
  • example programs to help you get started

We will be at the Hackathon and available to answer questions, should they arise. Feel free to come talk to us in person. You can also post questions on the Multi-Hackers wiki page or this page. We'll do what we can to help you out!

mDot Platform Page (mbed beta)

UDK/mDot Development

Quick Start Guide


mDot AT Command Firmware

mDot AT Command Firwmare MD5

Code Samples

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