AT&T Developer Summit Hackathon 2016

Team mbed is at the ATT Hackathon at CES 2016!!! During the hackathon we will be around physically and online on the community tab to help out. See the Wiki tab below for details on using the hardware we've brought. The Code tab contains example code for all the hardware we've brought. Use the Community tab to ask us questions if you cant find us in person.

ATT M2X Data Service


AT&T’s M2X Data Service is a cloud-based fully managed data storage service for network connected machine-to-machine (M2M) and IoT devices. From trucks and turbines to vending machines and freight containers, M2X enables the devices that power your business to connect and share valuable data.

You can use the M2X Data Service for your connected car and automated home projects. The time-series data from your automated sensors can be easily sent to the M2X API by your device, and later retrieved via your applications for display and analyzing. Be sure to go to to sign up for a free developer account. There you will find detailed information on our API, and access to our client libraries to jumpstart your development.

The mbed devices available at the hackathon all work with the M2X Data Service, and we've coodinated with those vendors to provide sample applications you can use to build your winning project around. You can find these samples on the main AT&T Hackathon page or on the AT&T M2X Team page.

Be sure to drop by our table at the CTIA Hackathon to get help with your project, to give us feedback on the service, or just to say "hi"! Happy hacking!

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