Rohm SensorShield series| Arduino-Compatible Multi Sensor Evaluation Kit

The SensorShield series (EVK-001, EVK-002 and EVK-003) evaluation kit consists of an open-source expansion board (shield) with multiple sensors developed by the ROHM Group.

Hello World

Import programrohm-SensorShield-example

An example program for Rohm SensorShield-EVK-001 running with Mbed OS 5.


Import libraryKX224-1053

A mbed-os v5 driver for KX224-1053 (3 axis accelerometer, made by Rohm).




Support page :

This sensor shield is tested on Mbed OS 5 with following Sensor drivers. it provides general I2C channel to communicate between platform and each sensor having a unique slave address. Voltage jumper setting is 3.3V in the area 1 above. Sensor's datasheets are pointed with respective URL links below.


Pinout of Sensors








Known issues


1. Since BH1790GLC requires mA order current consumption for LED, It can only work alone on following boards, not share I2C Interface of the shield with any other sensors.


2. Please use A0 pin with this shield for BD1020HFV on both K64F and K66F. A2 pin is disabled for AnalogIn.

Drivers updated for Mbed OS 5

Import libraryBM1383AGLV

BM1383AGLV sensor library

Import libraryBM1422AGMV

A mbed-os v5 driver for BM1422AGMV (3 axis magnetic sensor, made by Rohm).

Import libraryrohm-bh1790glc-driver

Optical pulse wave sensor BH1790GLC driver. The original code contributed by Hideki Tanaka.

Import libraryrohm-rpr0521

Rohm RPR0521 proximity-als-ir -sensor driver

Import libraryrohm-sensor-hal

Platform HAL for rohm sensor drivers. Used for abstracting Arduino/mbed os/mbed classic.

Import libraryRegisterWriter

Class for making communication easier from code to i2c connected Rohm/Kionix sensors. Maybe could be used later also for abstracting Arduino/mbed os. Code ported from 'C'-library rohm-sensor-hal.

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