mbed at Bay Area Maker Faire, The Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth

See a selection of ARM® mbed™ projects and development boards at the Bay Area Maker Faire this weekend (May 17th and 18th). Come and visit Booth #405.


Ask Calum, Systems Engineer at Xively how the industrial tank filling system makes use of Google glass and mbed /media/uploads/Phill_/xively.jpg

Ask the team about the JKSoft wallbot and what’s next


See how easy it is to create appcessories using the latest mbed platforms alongside other popular development systems.


IfixIt will be on stage tearing down a selection of wearable appcessories to show us what chips and components engineers are choosing for commercial products. One of each of the products will be available to a member of the audience at the end of each teardown. /media/uploads/Phill_/featureddemotimes.jpg

More details about the show (and tell) can be found on our connected community page.

We are also running a raffle for free tickets, check out the details on our facebookpage

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