mbed application board - First preproduction boards

The first samples of the mbed Application Board are back from the manufacturers, L-TEK. There are a few minor tweeks to make before we press the "GO" button for full production, but the tests so far have worked great.


The three lucky winners who will get one of these application boards in exchange for writing a driver and associated cookbook page are, in no particular order :

A big thanks to all the people who applied - Keep your eyes out, we may well do another competition for "the most interesting application"!

Over the coming weeks, libraries, "hello world" examples, cookbook pages and so on will start to appear for the application board, along with the schematics and all of the support materials you'd expect. I'm aiming for it to be available in time for the Christmas rush ;-). I will be working with all your favourite distributors to get it on the shelves and arrange pre-ordering.

In the mean time, a few people asked about the Xbee socket. This has been designed to accept the popular Xbee Zigbee module or the RN-XV wifly module. We've also made sure that the USB Host socket can be powered externally so that a Vodafone USB Modem can be used. That's a whole lot of wireless communication!

Keep your eyes out for the announcement when they become available, and in the mean time, check out the fully loaded board, complete with Wifi!


For those interested interested in the the minor tweek to be made...

There was a slight error in the footprint for the MMA7660 accelerometer. Some of the copper pads were in the wrong order - very frustrating for a board that was otherwise electrically perfect (Arrrgh!!). If you want to see how I proved the fix, here is a photo from down the barrel of our microscope. That's enamel coated wires from the PCB pads, onto the pads of the devices' DFN-10 3mmx3mm package. I like the occasional challenge!


8 comments on mbed application board - First preproduction boards:

03 Oct 2012

o m g!!! That is looking absolutely amazing! Keep it up, I will not hesitate to buy one :D

07 Oct 2012

waw it seems so exciting, I can't wait for it to be available

08 Oct 2012

What is mbed pin 11 used for?

08 Oct 2012

Hi Paul,

The mbed p11 is used for the LCD chip select - I suspect you are asking because you've studied the silkscreen in detail and cant find p11 anywhere? Well, that's one of the changes between the pre-production prototypes and the final design. Somehow that pin got left behind!

Schematics and so on will start to appear shortly - watch this space!

Thanks, Chris

08 Oct 2012

Can it operate as usb device as well, and that is two 3.5m sockets connected to what pins on mbed, will it use the mbed's Dac and adc, are the 3.5mm sockets connected to mbed adc and digital to analog converter.

29 Oct 2012

When will these be available for purchase?

11 Nov 2012


did you put a amplifier on the analog out when do you think these will be available before Christmas?

P.S sorry I did not see that I'm aiming for it to be available in time for the Christmas rush ;-).

25 Nov 2012

So where and when can we get this board ? Tried the usual suspects , RS , Farnell, coolcomponents ect

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