mbed Connect - Partner and Contributor Conference!

The 1st mbed Connect Partner Meeting will be held on Mon 28th October in Silicon Valley!



The mbed project aims to put in place the right tools, technology and ecosystem for a new audience of professional developers to create ARM embedded and IoT devices on a massive scale.

The mbed Connect Partner Meeting is an invite-only event for key partners, contributors and power users who want to understand, influence and contribute to the future of the mbed project.

The event will be a day of sharing, discussing and defining the roadmap, projects and activities under the mbed project, along with the chance to meet other partners and contributors.


The event will run for a full day, and include:

  • ARM's IoT Vision
  • mbed Project Mission, Announcements, Activities and Roadmap
  • Key Technology and Industry Challenge Discussions
  • New Projects Proposals and Working Group Formations
  • Lightning Talks

The day will be followed by an evening of drinks and further discussion nearby.

Who should attend

Partners - Key technical/strategy representatives enabling developers with their technology

  • This will be companies involved in Microcontrollers, Radios, Sensors, IoT and Cloud services, Development and OEM Boards, Distribution, Prototyping and Manufacturing

Contributors - Developers and Application Engineers who want to contribute to mbed

  • Skilled developers interested in porting and contributing to the SDK, HDK, Component Database, and being involved in the mbed Community, Roadmap and Projects

Power Users - End developers who use mbed in depth to create prototypes and products

  • Developers and companies looking to use mbed to develop real volume products that can provide real-world feedback, suggestions and insights for the mbed project


  • Monday, 28th October 2013
  • 08:30 to 17:30
  • Techmart @ Santa Clara Convention Center, California

This meeting is being held the day before ARM Techcon starts (29th-31st October), so you may want to consider combining your trip.


Please note, this is an invite-only event with limited space, and places must be applied for.

To apply for a place, please fill in the mbed Connect Application Form or contact support@mbed.org

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