Win a Samsung Galaxy Note III and Polar V800 sports watch

STMicroelectronics are offering a Samsung Galaxy Note III smart phone coupled with the Polar V800 sports watch to the three winners of their Internet-of-Things design challenge this year.


To enter the competition just pick up your preferred STM32 based development board and add at least one other ST component then send a description and video of your innovative application (full T&Cs can be found here). Should you be one of the 3 lucky winners you will receive an invite to the award ceremony during Electronica in Munich – November 11th – 14th 2014.

If you would like to get something up and running quickly, easily and with a whole community backing you why not choose one of the many ARM® mbed®-enabled development boards: the ST Nucleo boards based on STM32, available for only $10. The website lists 5 different boards that are instantly available (F103RB, F302R8, L512RE, F401RE, F030R8).

Not a bad return on investment; a cutting edge smart phone and watch worth $1,200 for a $10 development board and a bit of fun engineering. Alternatively, if you register your idea through the Facebook page before 31st July ST are providing FREE Nucelo boards and Wurth Elektronik are giving away free passive components for the project.

Good Luck!

Note, the Galaxy Note and Polar V800 replace the previously announced Hyetis smart watch.

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