NEW NFC Stack for mbed

NFC is one of the hottest technology topics around around at the moment, throw in Android and now you should definitely be interested! We've seen banks stumble over each other to be the first to offer NFC-enabled services, and now smart posters are becoming more prevalent in bus shelters begging to deliver you more content by fist pumping your smartphone at it. You've seen the technology in action, now it's time to get prototyping for yourself.


AppNearMe Official of NFC Technology company, AppNearMe, has developed a µNFC Stack for mbed targeting the NXP PN532 NFC Controller. The stack allows you to build your own NFC-enabled hardware and interface the AppNearMe framework for Android devices, allowing you to focus on building your feature-rich app that compliments your device.

Adafruit PN532

You can find out more on the NFC Cookbook page and the µNFC Stack library page, including a tutorial to get started using the Adafruit PN532 Breakout Board and a teardown of the NFCLamp to give you some ideas about the platform in action.

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14 Jun 2012

NFC Near Field Communications. ALWAYS define your TLAs.....

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