Changes to our GitHub development repository

Over the next week, we're going to be making some organisational changes to our main development repository that is used to generate our mbed 2 ("Classic") Core Library releases.

Will it impact you?


For most of you who are using the standard mbed 2 ("Classic") Core Library releases, whether from within the mbed Online Compiler or some other command line or IDE environment, you shouldn't see any changes that impact you. If you do experience problems, please shout as that is almost certainly a bug not a feature!

For those who are using the mbed Github repository directly (e.g. partners and developers who work with us on the core itself), these changes will mean at minimum you'll have to review the new layout. In some cases, especially if you have built scripts or dependencies relying on this layout, you may have to make adjustments and updates based on these changes. We'd suggest during this period to simply stick to an existing revision for the next couple of weeks, and analyse and update based on any implications after that.

Why are we making these changes?

These changes only impact a small number of you, but they are in preparation for some much more important changes that should provide a lot of benefit to you all.

We've been undertaking some significant changes and enhancements to our mbed OS 3 architecture, designed to accelerate important aspects of our roadmap and open up some interesting new opportunities. In particular, we have been incorporating an RTOS in to the core of mbed OS that was previously eventing-only, so applications can benefit from native thread support within the OS. This is to both simplify integration of complex application components, and expand the applicability of the OS. But what this also means, combined with some re-basing and tool changes we're making, is that we've unlocked the opportunity for compatibility with our mbed 2 ("Classic") ecosystem!

Hopefully gives you enough of a hint that there are some very interesting developments afoot. I'll be sharing more over the next weeks!

What if I have issues?

If you see any problems or have questions as we make these changes, feel free to comment or ask here, or email us at

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