Compiler Update - Fixes & Features

Just to let you know, the compiler has just undergone some updates... 

Most notably, this should fix a bug we've seen a few of you report around reliability of the compile/download button. This was causing the compiler to intermittently hang, which is really bad news! This should now have been squished! If you do find any reliability problems, especially compiler hangs or failed download, please make sure you tell us! This is not acceptable behaviour so we want to know if it happens. Thank you to those who reported the previous bug, and hopefully you will no longer see these problems. 

Also in this update: 

  • "Find" within a file (click the find button, or hit ctrl-F) 
  • "Clone" projects and "Save As.." files (i.e. replicate them) 
  • Increased file import size limit (was causing things to fail to import)
  • A few other fixes to make things run more smoothly 

Hope you enjoy it :) Any feedback welcome... 

Have fun! 


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