Compiler Update - Improved Import, Improved Response

We have just put some new compiler enhancements live. Hope you like them....

The compiler importing functionality has been respun. Apart from being much more stable, you can now import programs and files from both your desktop and from subversion repository, making it easy to pull in other peoples published examples. As before, libraries can also be pulled in from subversion, making it easy to share more stable code bundles as libraries.

The compiler framework and infrastructure have also been enhanced under the hood; you should see the interface giving you a lot more feedback while compiling, and a bottleneck has been removed so it should be consistently more responsive too. We've folded in some other fixes too, so we're hoping this is all good news! But if you do see any bad behaviour or bugs, please make sure you email us at

Thinking about it, it'd also be good to hear reports of things that work better :) The bugs are most important to catch, but knowing things that have worked out will help check we're moving in the right direction!


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