Library Update - Build your house upon rocks, not sand

After a lot of work, we've just released a major update to the libraries (v5). Hopefully, you'll hardly notice... 

The majority of this upgrade is totally behind the scenes, getting the core robust and ready for the things we want to do with the API now and in the future. Whilst it shouldn't really be visible, please tell us if we break any of your code when you upgrade! Our next focus with the Libraries will be on the API itself, so expect some slightly more invasive improvements then. And some of the new tricks to come to light :) 

...but we couldn't do an update without giving you something new! So in addition to the new Ticker and Timeout classes, we've added file system access to the USB drive. No documentation yet, but the API page should give you a clue: 

We think this might find some good applications, so we're interested to hear how you use it. 

When you start a new project, you will automatically pull in the new v5 mbed Library. For existing projects, clicking on the mbed library in your file tree should provide you with an "update" button. 

As ever, please bring to our attention any problems or questions you have. 

Have Fun!

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