Compiler Update: Fixes, more fixes, and a feature

We've now pushed live an update for the mbed Compiler focused on bug fixes and stability; it addresses a whole variety of quirky cross-platform problems and general application bugs, and has a good deal of internal rework to set us up for the next set of features.

The current compiler has actually proven itself to work really well, but with this update it is feeling more stable than ever across lots of different platforms; in fact, our compiler bug list is now empty (but I'm sure you'll help us change that!). Thanks to everyone who provided us bug reports and feedback to identify these issues.

Here is a summary of the important bugs that should now be squished...

Cross-browser compiler fixes

General compiler fixes

Publishing and importing

We also added a minor improvement to the compiler to allow importing of published projects as libraries. This basically means if you publish something containing reusable code (e.g. a peripheral driver class .h/.cpp, and no main() function or libraries), someone can pull it in as a library and use it within their project just using the URL. It is very primitive at the moment, but it squares-the-circle and makes it possible.

If you publish a project, when you go to it's homepage it looks something like:

Note, when publishing, you also now have the option to add a description and tags.

If you click "Import program in to Compiler", it'll do just that - Import this as a whole new program. No change there.

However, if you just copy the URL and go to the compiler, you can now right-click an existing program and select "Import Library...". Then paste in the URL and hit "Import":

Your program will now have pulled in the code as a library. You can also use the URL under "Import Files..." if you actually want to see/edit the files. There is lots of scope for improvement here, but hopefully this is a good start!

That's it for now. Thanks again for all the reports; if you have any problems after these updates, or spot new ones, please make sure you report it in the Bugs and Suggestions Forum!

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