Website Update - Handbook, Cookbook and APIs!

Whilst we've introduced most of these updates in stages over the last few weeks, I thought it'd be worth making them official! 

The basics of the Handbook are in place now at This is going to be the main guide for the introductions and core mbed apis/features. Hopefully the introductions are good to get people started, and we'll be concentrating on where you go next; any suggestions for what you'd like to see welcome! 

We moved over to a "Cookbook" area which is open for anyone to add to. It has a wiki and code repository, and we'd encourage people to share projects and notes, especially the process you go through making them. We've noticed the blog-like style works well as not only does it show the answer, but also how you got there. This seems a great way to help others learn, get suggestions, etc. Go nuts! 

We've also implemented auto-documentation for our libraries (using the very elegant NaturalDocs). Still some integration improvements that haven't quite made it in yet, but getting it in there means we can start worrying about improving the documentation. And we thought it might be useful to others too, so it is also available in the Cookbook. Any code checked in to the cookbook repository gets documentation generated from it if present, so feel free to experiment yourself with your own code. 

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