Tutorial: Getting mbed in and out of breadboard!

Someone recently commented that once an mbed was in breadboard, it was a little tricky to get out. I've also seen a few cases in workshops where examples wern't working for people, and it was simply due to the mbed not being pushed in to the breadboard properly (usually because it is stiff, and the user didn't want to damage anything - better to be careful!).

So here are a couple of videos with some simple recommendations. Firstly, getting your mbed in to the breadboard:

Secondly, getting it back out:

For removal, the emphasis is on working it out slowly with light pressure to avoid bending pins, and ensuring you only press the shaft of the screwdriver against the edge of the mbed and the tip against the breadboard by pulling up. If you push down, you'll scrape the underside of the mbed with the screwdriver tip which will not be good news!

So use these simple approaches, take your time, and treat the hardware with care, and you'll be fine!

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