TextLCD library for controlling various LCD panels based on the HD44780 4-bit interface

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TextLCD Class Reference

TextLCD Class Reference

A TextLCD interface for driving 4-bit HD44780-based LCDs. More...

#include <TextLCD.h>

Public Types

enum  LCDType { LCD16x2, LCD16x2B, LCD20x2, LCD20x4 }

LCD panel format.


Public Member Functions

 TextLCD (PinName rs, PinName e, PinName d4, PinName d5, PinName d6, PinName d7, LCDType type=LCD16x2)
 Create a TextLCD interface.
int putc (int c)
 Write a character to the LCD.
int printf (const char *format,...)
 Write a formated string to the LCD.
void locate (int column, int row)
 Locate to a screen column and row.
void cls ()
 Clear the screen and locate to 0,0.

Detailed Description

A TextLCD interface for driving 4-bit HD44780-based LCDs.

Currently supports 16x2, 20x2 and 20x4 panels

 #include "mbed.h"
 #include "TextLCD.h"
 TextLCD lcd(p10, p12, p15, p16, p29, p30); // rs, e, d4-d7
 int main() {
     lcd.printf("Hello World!\n");

Definition at line 43 of file TextLCD.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum LCDType

LCD panel format.


16x2 LCD panel (default)


16x2 LCD panel alternate addressing


20x2 LCD panel


20x4 LCD panel

Definition at line 47 of file TextLCD.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TextLCD ( PinName  rs,
PinName  e,
PinName  d4,
PinName  d5,
PinName  d6,
PinName  d7,
LCDType  type = LCD16x2 

Create a TextLCD interface.

rsInstruction/data control line
eEnable line (clock)
d4-d7Data lines for using as a 4-bit interface
typeSets the panel size/addressing mode (default = LCD16x2)

Definition at line 26 of file TextLCD.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void cls (  )

Clear the screen and locate to 0,0.

Definition at line 56 of file TextLCD.cpp.

void locate ( int  column,
int  row 

Locate to a screen column and row.

columnThe horizontal position from the left, indexed from 0
rowThe vertical position from the top, indexed from 0

Definition at line 62 of file TextLCD.cpp.

int printf ( const char *  format,

Write a formated string to the LCD.

formatA printf-style format string, followed by the variables to use in formating the string.
int putc ( int  c )

Write a character to the LCD.

cThe character to write to the display