Forks of USBHostMSD_HelloWorld

A fork is a repository which is based on a copy of this repository.

You need to plugin the USB, and read the doc and code.
A wave player demo setup for the mbed application board. Reads a wave file from a USB flash drive, and outputs to the onboard speaker (very low volume) and the …
n-bed testing USB HOST and a Flash disk
Reads the text file on USB in Host mode and displays on the LCD.
Sending MMA7660 & LM75B sensor value to the USB, another device by CAN. And we can view temperature of LM75B by C12832 LCD. C12832, CAN, LM75B, MMA7660, USBHOST
OK Connect a US Bstorage stick Configure for HOST Disconnect any other devices !!!!
LogitechC270 webcam class driver alpha version UVC, WEBCAM
save data to memory stick
Nucleo stm32f746zg USB wave player
Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows library game pad, gamepad, USB Host, USBHOST, Xbox, xbox360
public Test program for usbhostmsd looking at ridiculous resource usage