Dependents of MCP23S17

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this program.

Library test v 0.4
A simple IO demo using the MCP23S17 library MCP23S17, SPI
4180 LAB 1, YALL
Snake game for a 5x5 LED matrix cube, game, led, matrix, snake
ECE 4180 Lab 1
reef monitor
Lab 1 solution code for ECE 4180. Everything except the assembly and power management extra credit.
Extra problem 5 for HW 1
Simple implementation of Guitar Hero with mbed.
I do it no
ECE 4180 Lab 1 Extra Credit 4 L1
ECE 4180 Lab 1 Part 7 L1
SPI Port Expander ex code
Blinks LED cube along with music
4180 lab 1
Lab 1 Part 7