Giles Barton-Owen

United Kingdom

Giles’s public repositories

A fairly well tested TLV320 library for I2C configuration and control of the TI TLV320 part
A simple example of WAV playback for the RS AudioCODEC board. Uses a USB drive to stream music.
A test program for the WavPlayer class, works on the RS Animatronic Lab Board
A test program for the RS animatronic lab board motor drivers.
A library which allows the playing of Wav files using the TLV320
A simple Hbridge driver library (tested with the L293D). It uses a PWM pin on the enable and two DIOs on the control pins. Versatile.
A test program for the TLV320, Generates some sine waves.
A well tested I2S library where the send and recieve parts are seperate instances.
A program which test the PWMAverage library internally: just connect pins 23, 29 and 30 short and check it on the terminal
A PWM/duty cycle measurement library using Timer2
A test program for the PWMAverage library. This program will print the average duty cycle of a signal (1Hz-100kHz) after a button is pressed for a few seconds.
Allows the M3Pi to be used as a Sumo robot, using the sharp 100 distance sensors on the front.
This program is just a simple serial port program for communication with mbedWrapper
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