I am a researcher (mainly HCI) and Media Artist living in Tokyo

Archive of works: http://www.alvarocassinelli.com

Professional page: http://www.k2.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/members/alvaro/

Alvaro’s public repositories

Example controlling galvanomirrors (X and Y) using the spi DAC MCP4922 and the new platform FRDM_K64F
synch the camera trigger with the signal in phase and quadrature (every frame or every N frames). We can also simulate the product by the in-phase signal (with a small ...
save loops
Laser Sensing Display for UI interfaces in the real world
simple example program to control one mirror from serial data
Hardware control: mirrors
Hardware IO control: mirrors, lock in
This is an OSC library for the mbed, created to be compatible with Recotana\'s OSCClass library (http://recotana.com) for the Arduino with Ethernet shield. I have also used parts of the ...