Dependents of mbed-src

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

cyassl re-port with cellular comms, PSK test
My version of the mbed libary for the NXP LPC1768 ethernet frames 1536 bytes
dfs df
DTLS example using CyaSSL 2.7.0 and x509 certs. Doesn't work at present due to DTLS handshake failure. Debugging.
CyaSSL example using x509 certs and DTLS over ethernet.
Code for bug report; KL25Z not running when PTA4 hasn't been high for > 400ms
Example of using sleep/deepsleep with the LPC812 DeepSleep, LPC812, powerdown, Sleep
Smart coffee machine with facial recognition and remote control Coffee, LS_Y201, socket, SRF05
FRDM-KL46Z board sLCD demo code using RTC clock. FRDM-KL46Z, kl46z, SLCD
The example program for mbed pin-compatible platforms - Blink the LED's alternately.
KL25Z board with HC-06 bluetooth module try out FRDM-KL25Z, HC-06
FRDM-KL46Z pinmap is different from KL25Z FRDM, kl46z
reads the sensor data
A test blinky program by using the Toragi ARM writer. LPC-Link, LPC1114
Rewrite the NokiaLCD lib by using the SWSPI lib in order to fit in with the 9 bits SPI mode of KL46Z. KL25z, kl46z, NokiaLCD
FRDM-KL46Z clock based on Paul Staron's FRDM-KL46Z-LCD-rtc-demo. Uses the on-board touch slider to set hours, minutes and seconds. FRDM-KL46Z
Test mbed1.
Generic communication interface between the wireless board (mote) and the sensor board. Any kind of sensor board can be connected to the mote using this specification given it provides a …
Demo program for the FRDM-KL46Z that includes: - printing Accel, Magneto, Light Sensor, Time (set with SW1/SW3), Temp from Magneto, Temp from AnalogIn. - Displaying LS on LCD - Set …
A program for LPC11U68 UART1 testing LPC11U68, UART1
mbed-rtos support for nucleo f401re F401RE, Nucleo, STM
FRDM-KL46Z clock based on Paul Staron's FRDM-KL46Z-LCD-rtc-demo. Uses the on-board touch slider to set hours, minutes and seconds. FRDM-KL46Z
A demo for using the Sharp LCD display component.
RPC over Serial with read line interrupt tested on LPC1768 and mac minicom terminal. Baudrate 115200 interrupt, LPC1768, rpc, Serial
This program send an AT command to the HC05 module and shows the response into a terminal. AT, bluetooth, command, HC05, LPC1768, LPC4330
Transparent data mode for Bluetooth HC05 bluetooth, HC05, LPC17, LPC4330
Test code for MCP9700A Temperature Sensor LPC1768, LPC4330, MCP9700A
Test code for GPS U-blox NEO-6M GPS, LPC4330, Neo-6M, u-blox
Программа считывает показания датчиков и управляет сервомашинками.
using stm32cube to generate startup code
Test program making the LEDs blink.
[Nucleo F103RB] UART0 Transmit Example. Nucleo, ST, UART
Application running on nRF51822 PCA10001
Project tested on all Nucleo boards updated to firmware 2j23m6 with LED blinking and I2C magnetometer heading ok.
cc3000 hello world demo CC3000, hello, wifi, world
SparkFun cc3000 on Nucleo F401RE with rtos CC3000, hello, wifi, world