mbed official WiflyInterface (interface for Roving Networks Wifly modules)

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This pull request has been rejected by mbed official

Performance and feature enhancements

The description hits most of the changes I made. Some pretty basic (the default timeout simply would not work for me), others a bit more involved (cranking up the baud-rate without having to store and reboot). Wifly.cpp holds most of the changes and doesn't "compare" in the web interface, but exporting both to another tool makes it easier to see the changes.

MODIFIED from mbed official WiflyInterface (interface for Roving Networks Wifly modules). Numerous performance and reliability improvements (see the detailed documentation). Also, tracking changes in mbed official version to retain functional … ethernet, tcp/ip, WiFly, WiflyInterface

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31 May 2013

Hi David,

Great to see the first pull request :)

There are some really good things in this request such as the new timeout, the non-blocking version of accept or the new new method to change the baudrate. Then some of your changes (such as removing the need to save and reboot during the bind) are not compatible with some versions of the wifly firmware.

Before accepting the pull request, is it possible for you to:

  • split the pull request into different smaller pull requests
    • the change on each pull request has to be clear
  • try to remove all the "DS" from the comments and all the c lines code which are commented
  • no directly use of printf otherwise it will not work with the mbed LPC11U24 which has only one serial port

Many thanks!