Forks of WiflyInterface

A fork is a repository which is based on a copy of this repository.

GSwifiInterface library (interface for GainSpan Wi-Fi GS1011 modules) Please see https://mbed.org/users/gsfan/notebook/GSwifiInterface/ EthernetInterface, gainspan, GS1011, GS1011M, Wi-Fi, wifi
Wifly interface for RN-XV (wifly RN171XVW) senCommand: ssid & pharse no AOK needed RN-XV, WiFly
- Auto reconnect - Added is_associated method
update wifly interface with some factory resets
WIFI library for WIFI Shield of Seeed Studio wifi
Adaptation pour camera GOPRO HERO3 Projet BTS SN
Forked mbed official WiflyInterface (interface for Roving Networks Wifly modules) which includes the possibility to use TCPSocketServer::accept as a non-blocking cal. tcp/ip, WiFly
This is a fork specifically for seeed wifi shield
MODIFIED from mbed official WiflyInterface (interface for Roving Networks Wifly modules). Numerous performance and reliability improvements (see the detailed documentation). Also, tracking changes in mbed official version to retain functional … ethernet, tcp/ip, WiFly, WiflyInterface
- Auto reconnect - Added is_associated
WIZ820io(W5200) network interface, EthernetInterface compatible. W5200, WIZ820IO