Dependents of WiflyInterface

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

Hello World with a wifly module (RN 131 C/G - RN-XV)
WebSocket Hello World using the wifly interface socket, WebSocket, WiFly
RPC hello world using the Wifly Interface
HTTPClient Hello World with the WiflyInterface http, WiFly
NTPClient using the mbed_official WiflyInterface NTP, WiFly
example websocket server
Control a robot via a web browser, by routing the control signals via a web server. HTTPClient, wifi
An example program using the HTTP Client over wifly, creat application, Board, http, WiFly
Simple program to update the firmware of a wifly module firmware, FTP, WiFly
wifly tcp echo client example
wifly tcp echo server example
An example program that uses a Wifly module to send messages over web sockets application, Board, WebSocket, WiFly
The code reads various sensors, populates the packet and transmits it over to another TCP Client on receiving a request
display your latest tweet with WiFly RN-XV and AD128160-UART GLCD, twitter, wifi
Control a robot over the internet using UDP and a Wifly module (WiFi).
NSP demo runnig over WiFi
Code for RFID Robot
Demo for the problem with nsdl_lib and rtos on FRDM- K64F
websocket client for gyro and 3-Axio Accelerometer
websocket and ble
NTP example
Gateway code for sensor network version 4
This is a modification of the NTPClient_HelloWorld to use the wifly link instead of the eth link