Kalman filter for Eurobot

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for Kalman


Matrix This class provide basic manipulation for 2D matrices see Log.c for more info version 1.6.4
MatrixMath This class provides STATIC methods to preform operations over Matrix Objects version 0.8


Kalman.cpp [code]
Kalman.h [code]
Log.c [code] Keep track of changes since version 1.6 e-mail: mecatronica.mid@gmail.com
Matrix.cpp [code] Source Code for the Matrix Class
Matrix.h [code] API for Matrix Library
MatrixMath.cpp [code] Still under work version 0.2
MatrixMath.h [code]
Operators.cpp [code] Source Code for the Operator of Matrix Class
RF12B.cpp [code]
RF12B.h [code]
RF_defs.h [code]
RFSerial.cpp [code]
RFSerial.h [code]
RFSRF05.cpp [code]
RFSRF05.h [code]