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Auto generated API documentation and code listings for BLE_nRF8001


_aci_packed_ aci_cmd_params_set_local_data_t
aci_cmd_params_change_timing_t Structure for the ACI_CMD_CHANGE_TIMING ACI command parameters
aci_cmd_params_close_remote_pipe_t Structure for the ACI_CMD_CLOSE_REMOTE_PIPE ACI command parameters
aci_cmd_params_connect_t Structure for the ACI_CMD_CONNECT ACI command parameters
aci_cmd_params_disconnect_t Structure for the ACI_CMD_DISCONNECT ACI command parameters
aci_cmd_params_dtm_cmd_t Structure for the ACI_CMD_DTM_CMD ACI command parameters
aci_cmd_params_echo_t Structure for the ACI_CMD_ECHO ACI command parameters
aci_cmd_params_open_remote_pipe_t Structure for the ACI_CMD_OPEN_REMOTE_PIPE ACI command parameters
aci_cmd_params_send_data_t Structure for the ACI_CMD_SEND_DATA ACI command parameters
aci_cmd_params_set_tx_power_t Structure for the ACI_CMD_SET_TX_POWER ACI command parameters
aci_cmd_params_setup_t Structure for the ACI_CMD_SETUP ACI command parameters
aci_cmd_params_test_t Structure for the ACI_CMD_TEST ACI command parameters
aci_cmd_params_write_dynamic_data_t Structure for the ACI_CMD_WRITE_DYNAMIC_DATA ACI command parameters
aci_cmd_t Encapsulates a generic ACI command
aci_event_params_echo_t Structure for the ACI_EVT_ECHO ACI event parameters
aci_evt_cmd_rsp_params_dtm_cmd_t Structure for the ACI_EVT_CMD_RSP event with opcode=ACI_CMD_DTM_CMD event return parameters
aci_evt_cmd_rsp_params_get_battery_level_t Structure for the ACI_EVT_CMD_RSP event with opcode=ACI_CMD_GET_BATTERY_LEVEL event return parameters
aci_evt_cmd_rsp_params_get_device_address_t Structure for the ACI_EVT_CMD_RSP event with opcode=ACI_CMD_GET_DEVICE_ADDRESS event return parameters
aci_evt_cmd_rsp_params_get_device_version_t Structure for the ACI_EVT_CMD_RSP event with opcode=ACI_CMD_GET_DEVICE_VERSION event return parameters
aci_evt_cmd_rsp_params_get_temperature_t Structure for the ACI_EVT_CMD_RSP event with opcode=ACI_CMD_GET_TEMPERATURE event return parameters
aci_evt_cmd_rsp_read_dynamic_data_t Structure for the ACI_EVT_CMD_RSP event with opcode=ACI_CMD_READ_DYNAMIC_DATA event return parameters
aci_evt_params_bond_status_t Structure for the ACI_EVT_BOND_STATUS event return parameters
aci_evt_params_cmd_rsp_t Structure for the ACI_EVT_CMD_RSP event return parameters
aci_evt_params_connected_t Structure for the ACI_EVT_CONNECTED event return parameters
aci_evt_params_data_ack_t Structure for the ACI_EVT_DATA_ACK event return parameters
aci_evt_params_data_credit_t Structure for the ACI_EVT_DATA_CREDIT event return parameters
aci_evt_params_data_received_t Structure for the ACI_EVT_DATA_RECEIVED event return parameters
aci_evt_params_device_started_t Structure for the ACI_EVT_DEVICE_STARTED event return parameters
aci_evt_params_disconnected_t Structure for the ACI_EVT_DISCONNECTED event return parameters
aci_evt_params_display_passkey_t Structure for the ACI_EVT_DISPLAY_PASSKEY event return parameters
aci_evt_params_hw_error_t Structure for the ACI_EVT_HW_ERROR event return parameters
aci_evt_params_key_request_t Structure for the ACI_EVT_KEY_REQUEST event return parameters
aci_evt_params_pipe_error_t Structure for the ACI_EVT_PIPE_ERROR event return parameters
aci_evt_params_pipe_status_t Structure for the ACI_EVT_PIPE_STATUS event return parameters
aci_evt_params_timing_t Structure for the ACI_EVT_TIMING event return parameters
aci_evt_t Encapsulates a generic ACI event
aci_ll_conn_params_t Link Layer Connection Parameters
aci_pins_t Datatype for ACI pins and interface (polling/interrupt)
aci_queue_t Data type for queue of data packets to send/receive from radio
aci_rx_data_t Generic ACI receive data structure
aci_tx_data_t Generic ACI transmit data structure


aci.h [code]
aci_cmds.h [code] Definitions for the ACI (Application Control Interface) commands
aci_evts.h [code] Definitions for the ACI (Application Control Interface) events
aci_protocol_defines.h [code]
aci_queue.cpp [code] Implementation of a circular queue for ACI data
aci_queue.h [code] Interface for buffer
aci_setup.cpp [code]
aci_setup.h [code]
acilib.cpp [code] Implementation of the acilib module
acilib.h [code] Internal prototype for acilib module
acilib_defs.h [code] Definitions for the acilib interfaces
acilib_if.h [code] Prototypes for the acilib interfaces
acilib_types.h [code] Type used in the acilib interfaces
Arduino.cpp [code]
Arduino.h [code]
ble_assert.h [code] Declaration of assert()
BLEAttribute.cpp [code]
BLEAttribute.h [code]
BLECentral.cpp [code]
BLECentral.h [code]
BLECharacteristic.cpp [code]
BLECharacteristic.h [code]
BLEDescriptor.cpp [code]
BLEDescriptor.h [code]
BLEPeripheral.cpp [code]
BLEPeripheral.h [code]
BLEService.cpp [code]
BLEService.h [code]
BLETypedCharacteristic.h [code]
BLETypedCharacteristics.cpp [code]
BLETypedCharacteristics.h [code]
BLEUuid.cpp [code]
BLEUuid.h [code]
boards.h [code] Defines for the different Bluetooth low energy boards
dtm.h [code] Internal prototype for acilib module
hal_aci_tl.cpp [code] Implementation of the ACI transport layer module
hal_aci_tl.h [code] Interface for hal_aci_tl
hal_platform.h [code]
lib_aci.cpp [code] Implementation of the ACI library
lib_aci.h [code] ACI library
nRF8001.cpp [code]
nRF8001.h [code]