Dependents of MCP23017

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

Group 3, Year 3 HWU
create and send the file to pc
Embedded software Assessment 2
This is car control simulation by using Mbed controller and real time operating system.
The MBED firmware used on the Chipin sorter, developed over 12 weeks for a 3rd year university systems project. Chipin is a token sorter, it sorts tokens by colours and … chipin, LPC1768, token sorter
3rd year group project. Electronic and Electrical Engineering. Heriot-Watt University. This is the code for the mbed for the Automatic Little Object Organiser (ALOO).
Embedded Software Assignment 1
Embedded Software Assignment 2
Embedded Software Assignment 3
Example software for a Cyclic Executive
Example software of using the mbed-rtos to control a simple vehicle's on board computer
Motor control for robotic arm ax12, control, motor
All the commit done for assignment 3
initialisatie zoals vorig jaar (pins moeten nog aangepast)
TCTF Control Code V1
Working Rx IRQ
RTOS system for simple control of car inputs and outputs. Connected to a 'redbox' device consisting of analogue/digital inputs/outputs
All tasks complete