Forks of MMA8451Q

A fork is a repository which is based on a copy of this repository.

I tried to make the changes by accessing the library but am getting errors now.
Added code to manage Orientation, FreeFall and Motion Detection. Data is also available via IRQ.
Moja verzia kniznice pre Akcelerometer - public
modified MMA8451Q library for firefly project
biblioteka dla akcelerometru
Added function to retrieve raw data from sensor
Maruchi's Accelerometer Repo
Double Tap Enable MMA8451Q library
A work in progress on an updated library
MR raw bit
Extended driver to be able to configure the accelerometer for tap detection, orientation detection, and data ready interrupts.
edits to standard MMA8451Q lib KL05, MMA8451
MMA8451Q library for control this accelerometer with interrupt implemet
Set accelerometer to 8G for testing kl46z, MMA8451Q, set g limits
Allowed for the choosing the g-range of the accelerometer. Scaling also tracks choice so units and values are correct kl46z, MMA8451Q
Renamed the whole thing in order to prevent messing up with the real library