Dependents of C12832

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

Example program that exercises most of the capabilities of the mbed application shield (via arduino headers) with ST Nucleo board C12832, color, F103RB, led, LM75B, mbed, MMA7660, Nucleo, potentiometer, shield, speaker, ST
A simple 128x32 graphical LCD program to quickstart with LCD on ARM mbed IoT Starter Kit. This requires mbed Applciation Shield with FRDM-K64F platform. ARM_mbed_IoT_Starter_Kit, FRDM-K64F, K64F, LCD
mbedアプリケーションボード( http://developer.mbed.org/cookbook/mbed-application-board )を使用した、簡単なシューティングゲーム C12832
New version!!
State machine test
State machine test
Receive data and clock for data communications example
Same as LPC, but with correct Address
Pong program with multiple dependencies to test pgen
Cycles between 3(4) modes: Thermometer Spirit Level Compass WIP - Etch a Sketch Move the joystick left or right to select a mode
Keyboard section of CO657 class 3
The keyboard section of the CO657 class 4
A hacky bit of code to marshal serial data between a pc and xbee via an application shield. I am not proud of this, but I did fry the FTDI.
Assessment 4
GuardDog using application board robot.
Device 1 for Iot group project.
Device 2 for assessment 5. This is the router device
Notification receiver from MQTT server MQTT, print, receive
Learning classes...
Learning classes...
Learning classes.
Learning classes.
mbed tokyotech
final, working project
Basic Xbee reciever with application board. Uses LCD to display up or down. application, Board, xbee
IO is an event based input manager which permit to select which composents are manged on your system application-board, K64F
James Hughes JRH52
New xbee sent protocol
Xbee receiver
earthquake finder
ZI6 lib
ZI5 lib