Dependents of GroveEarbudSensor

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

Techcon 2014 BLE sample Police HRM (earbud-based) for Nordic BLE, earbud, Grove, hrm, Nordic, police, techcon
salesforce HeartRate monitor sample application. This application sends periodic heart rate values into via the mbed SalesforceInterface API. hrm,
heart rate monitor
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Heart rate monitor keeps you informed and indeed helps you monitor your heart rate all the time with which you can protect yourself from being prone to heart attacks or …
Heart rate monitoring system design using FRDM K64F and MIT App Inventor II
Grove ear clip sensor and ESP 8266 Wi-Fi module on FRDM-K64F over Thingspeak Server Cloud
LOO C++ project
K64f, ESP8266, Heartrate Senosr, Alcohol sensor