add "LE Device Address" 0x1B to advertising data types

Fork of BLE_API by Bluetooth Low Energy

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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
BatteryService.h [code]
BLE.cpp [code]
BLE.h [code]
blecommon.h [code]
BLEInstanceBase.h [code]
BLEProtocol.h [code]
CallChainOfFunctionPointersWithContext.h [code]
CharacteristicDescriptorDiscovery.h [code]
deprecate.h [code]
DeviceInformationService.h [code]
DFUService.cpp [code]
DFUService.h [code]
DiscoveredCharacteristic.cpp [code]
DiscoveredCharacteristic.h [code]
DiscoveredCharacteristicDescriptor.h [code]
DiscoveredService.h [code]
EddystoneConfigService.h [code]
EddystoneService.h [code]
EnvironmentalService.h [code]
FunctionPointerWithContext.h [code]
Gap.h [code]
GapAdvertisingData.h [code]
GapAdvertisingParams.h [code]
GapEvents.h [code]
GapScanningParams.cpp [code]
GapScanningParams.h [code]
GattAttribute.h [code]
GattCallbackParamTypes.h [code]
GattCharacteristic.h [code]
GattClient.h [code]
GattServer.h [code]
GattServerEvents.h [code]
GattService.h [code]
HealthThermometerService.h [code]
HeartRateService.h [code]
iBeacon.h [code]
LinkLossService.h [code]
SafeBool.h [code]
SecurityManager.h [code]
ServiceDiscovery.h [code]
UARTService.cpp [code]
UARTService.h [code]
URIBeaconConfigService.cpp [code]
URIBeaconConfigService.h [code]
UUID.h [code]