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  • BH1750

    Library for BH1750 I2C light sensor. Supports autoranging! True to datasheet. (beware: calls are blocking at the moment)

    BH1750, I2C, light, Lux, lx, measure
    Last updated: 22 Aug 2017 1 27
  • DS1307

    *Rewritten working version of* Working Version of the Real Time Clock module DS1307.

    clock, ds1307, real, RTC, time
    Last updated: 31 Jan 2018 11 2
  • DS1820

    Yet another DS1820 lib, but this one is make in sweat of struggling with other ones. It's a fork really of <insert original as mbed doesn't track idk why> with …

    blocking, DS1820
    Last updated: 31 Jan 2018 2 9
  • FastIO

    Replacement for regular GPIO (DigitalIn, DigitalOut, DigitalInOut) classes which has superior speed.

    GPIO, Speed
    Last updated: 17 Apr 2018 24 1
  • GP2Y1010AU0F

    Oh my god this is a crusty piece of air quality sensor. I barely works. It is good only for some major smoke detection, not really pariculte matter. Don't buy …

    AIR, dust, PM, smoke
    Last updated: 31 Jan 2018 1 31
  • I2CEeprom

    Class to provide simple access to I2C EEPROM chiles like Microchip's 24LC range or AMTELS AT24C range. Chips up to 64Kb in size are directly supported.

    Last updated: 31 Jan 2018 3 1
  • Mbed OS

    An ultimate I2C scanner. To be ultimate it should check speeds tbh. Arduino port really

    detect, I2C, scanner
    Last updated: 07 Jul 2018 1 52
  • Joystick

    library to interface a joystick (with interrupts). It accepts callbacks (new mbed >5.9) to call when a Joystick::Right is Joystick::Press'ed.

    BUTTON, dpad, joystick, navigation
    Last updated: 14 Oct 2019 5 0
  • LED7segmDual4094

    7-segment display with shift register. Common anode/cathode, any (eh, sort of) number of digits. Kind of framebuffer. Display has to be connected thru shift register, e.g. 4094. More details and …

    display, led, segment, shift, sr
    Last updated: 19 Dec 2015 1 23
  • MMA845x

    enhancing Multitech's library for some accelerometer

    Last updated: 05 Jul 2018 19 2
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