E-Paper Device (EPD) based MiniNote module, powered by mbed on LPC1114FBD48. Shared in public domain with enclosure in 3D step format, hardware interface compatible with microBUS interface. Anyone can contribute on this project.

Dependencies:   mbed _24LCXXX

MiniNote with mikroBUS

Arduino and WIRING

Why Arduino is much successful than Wiring.

Arduino reuses many designs from Wiring project, but much more successful than wiring. Why? If we look close to these projects, we can find Arduino defines a standard pin out and shields, which makes hardware much easier to handle than before.

No standard shield in micro PCB

Although Arduino shields become a de-facto indutrial standard for shields, but it can not get it work properly in micro/mini/pico versions. Why? Because mini boards have quite different demands, which means custom and much smaller space. Sometimes credit size Arduino pinout is not suitable for such applications.

mbed without shield

As an open source community, mbed doesn't offer a hardware shield specification to shield hardware. It focuses on C++ API porting between ARM microcontrollers, but shields doesn't make sense to an online web service, although it does serve for open source hardware.


I found mikroBUS from mikroElektronika in CZ. The specification is very simple, which plans minimal hardware in 16 pins.


Although it follows standard 100mil pitch of pin header (which makes it as 900mil DIP16 package), but we can use adapter to bridge between 100mil to 50mil, or B2B connector, FPC connector.


In order to make our MiniNote more powerful, we have planned following mikroBUS shields with MiniNote:

  • Xbee shield (Zigbee)
  • BLE shield (C254X, nRF6700)
  • RF shield (nRF24, CC2500)
  • NFC/RFID shield (HF/UHF RFID)
  • engergy harvesting shield (solar cell, super-cap)
  • Wireless charger shield (Qi or other local soltion)
  • Battery battery shield (Li charger and coin)
  • User input shield (Cap-sense and Joy-dial, joy-stick)
  • Storage shield (microSD and SPI flash memory)
  • QuickJack shield (HiJack to Android/iPhone)
  • Sensors shield (accel, gyro, temperature, humunity, light, and etc)

mikroE has offered most of them in seperate shield. We will release more appliation oriented combi shields.

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