E-Paper Device (EPD) based MiniNote module, powered by mbed on LPC1114FBD48. Shared in public domain with enclosure in 3D step format, hardware interface compatible with microBUS interface. Anyone can contribute on this project.

Dependencies:   mbed _24LCXXX

MiniNote with bigger MCU

LPC1114/30X used in MiniNote

Due to my personaly experience, I choosed a Cortex-M0 from NXP, LPC1114FBD48/30x, which has following features:

  • 32KB Flash ROM with 4KB RAM
  • one UART
  • one I2C bus
  • two SPI buses
  • ADC and PWM
  • 22 GPIOs
  • Interal RC, external crystal

It fits requirement for smaller applications. However, I prefer more ROM, more RAM to cover bigger frame buffer to support more grey levels, one more UART and optionally USB interface and touch interface.

LPC1115 used in Next Release

As a younger member in LPC111X family, LPC1115 has up to 64KB ROM and 8KB RAM with pin-to-pin replacement with LPC1114FBD48.

I will merge my code to mbed to support new LPC1115 target.

New Platform: nRF51822/LPC11UXX/KL25

As a new platform, I am considering a powerful micro. nRF51822 is the first candidate since it is the only one available in mbed to support BLE and nRF24 RFIC. Or I will use nRF6700 as external BLE solution.

LPC11U3X/6X will be the next candidate, since it has integrated USB interface already. However the decision is harder since NXP is not the price leader. STM/FSL has many USB micro.

KL2X could be another candidate, since it has integrated LDO, USB and touch interface in one chip, although its SWO-CLK has some issues. But I can cover it.

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