E-Paper Device (EPD) based MiniNote module, powered by mbed on LPC1114FBD48. Shared in public domain with enclosure in 3D step format, hardware interface compatible with microBUS interface. Anyone can contribute on this project.

Dependencies:   mbed _24LCXXX

MiniNote Cloud Application

MiniNote Cloud Application

So far there are some emerging applications designed with MiniNote.

  • Anonymous anti-harassment service with QR/NFC
  • Luggage tracking system
  • Kids/Elderly care and tracking system
  • Patient care and medical tracking system
  • Pet tracking system
  • Commercial name badge with RFID


Internet is our platform to delivery all the new services. You can use regular servers, virtual servers, cloud servers, or even DDNS with a Linux server running from your home network.


MiniNote could be a great media connecting objects, humans and network, since it can support passive RFID/NFC tags, display QRcode up to version 13, display barcode, and limited text and graphic content without battery.


Well, it indeeds requires power supply during changing display content, but it doesn't need battery to maintain power supply. By using advanced power management and energe harvesting technologies, we can even make it almost more enviornment friendly.


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